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About Me

**I believe that all behavior has meaning and that our ways of being in the world usually stem from early, brilliant, and necessary life-strategies that helped us survive as dependent children, without adult choices and resources. I believe that, given our circumstances and histories, we are all doing our best, and strive to help clients know and hold themselves compassionately, while bravely revising outdated life-maps, patterns, beliefs, and behaviors that once helped, but may presently hinder, relationships with ourselves and others.**

I am especially passionate about helping couples to grow and strengthen their love and friendship through a combination of Emotionally Focused, Gottman, Hakomi and Object Relations wisdom. This rewarding work emphasizes knowing oneself and each other, opening to the present moment, risking vulnerability for it's profound rewards, prioritizing connection and expanding upon our deeper and softer (versus protective and reflexively learned) responses. Through this process, couples learn to create and nourish a safe, supportive and resilient bond, by helping each other to bio-regulate and navigate life's opportunities and challenges.

I transitioned into psychotherapy after 18 years of multifaceted registered nursing experience and 7 years as a sole proprietor/owner of a medical company: Support Dimensions. I am dedicated to collaborative client relationships, listening presence, mindful awareness, mind/body wisdom, and providing safe, affordable, and effective psychotherapy.


Mood disorders, Life & Relationship Transitions, Personal growth, Loss & Grief (including Pet Bereavement), Women's Issues, Couples Therapy, Men in Treatment, Chronic & Life-Threatening Illness, Persistent Pain, Empathic Anger Management, Intern Advocacy/Coaching.


Graduate School: Dominican University of California, 2008:
                                Alpha Chi, Psi Chi, & Alpha Sigma Lambda

Intern Fieldwork Site: “Hidden Hero Award,” 2008
                                         Corstone: Sausalito, CA

Licenses: Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC 51285)
Registered Nurse (RN 283206)

Integrated Modalities: Self-Psychology & Object Relations
                                         Emotionally Focused
 Therapy (EFT)                                                                                                       Attachment Theory & Neuro-Psychology
                                         Hakomi: East/West, Mindfulness &                                                                                                                                        Body-Oriented Therapy
                                         CBT & DBT Interventions