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Office Hours (Appointment Only)

I provide by-appointment-only sessions in my centrally located Marin office. Out-of-office sessions are offered to homebound clients, in Marin County, for a low cost fee, dependent upon location, time, and traffic conditions. My office is ADA compliant.


My fee ranges from $45 to $140 per session. To determine fees, and help clients manage costs, I use a sliding scale based on yearly income, household size, and life circumstances.

Session Time

I provide 60, 90, and 120-minute sessions. My personal belief is that there is a significant advantage to 90 vs. 60-minute sessions, being more time to land, drop inside, digest new insights, and integrate such into long term memory and lasting change. While some clients prefer 60 minutes, many appreciate the benefits of 90-minute sessions. Clients are invited to choose the session length that best fits them, as well as experiment with different choices.


I am an out of network insurance provider for PPO and POS insurance plans. This means that clients pay me at each session and I can either courtesy bill these plans at the end of each month, or provide you with a detailed, monthly, billing statement, so you can bill your own insurance. If you wish to use insurance, I advise that you contact them, prior to our first appointment, in order to clarify your benefits, co-payments & deductibles.